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The Shizuoka Empire

Shizuoka in its entirety is massive with sixty planets revolving around a single star.

Our adventures however thus far are limited to but a single city on a single orb within the Tokugawa’s Empire:

The city of Yoshio on Tellu Yunomae.

People of Yoshio

Places in and Around Yoshio

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The Shizuoka Empire: A system of over sixty Tellu (planets) revolving around a single sun the entire planetary array is ruled by Tokugawa (Emperor) Insei. He rose to power thirty years ago during what has come to be known as the Ascension Wars, a series of inter-planetary conflicts after the last Tokugawa died fought between his son Insei, Shogun (General) Kyo, and Daimyo (Governor) Otsu Ga Kama of Tellu Nakagyo, the largest and most powerful Tellu in the Empire. Tellu and their respective Yamato (space battleship) fleets, Gundam (Mecha) armies, and Samurai (Elite Soldiers) warriors stood on all three sides and after five bloody years Insei claimed the throne. But this was more than two decades ago and peaceable stability has long blessed the Empire, though on Tellu Yunomae not everything has been sake and cherry blossoms. One of the furthest planets from the Imperial Throne the people of Yunomae began to chafe under Imperial Tariffs and with almost no Imperial presence a group called the Uprising led a rebellion trying to claim the planet as their own independent Tellu. They were fought by Daimyo Kotai Kamakura with his own Sakata (Elite Guards) and Samurai but the Uprising was fierce. In the end it took the intervention of Imperial Gundam led by the Tokugawa’s Samurai to quell the conflict and restore power to the ever-loyal Daimyo Kamakura. In Yoshio, the third largest city on Tellu Yunomae, life resumed as normal in the nine years since the Uprising with their new ruler Lord Ozo promoted to Edo(Lord Mayor) for his financial aid of the Daimyo during the conflict. Yoshio has prospered since his promotion through his company the Daiwa-Ozo Yamato Foundry, which is the largest Yamato metal plate producer in the Empire, and the trade alliances he has made with the Kwai Industrial Complexes as well as his favor in the court of the Daimyo, his second cousin. It is in Yoshio that our tale will begin and may well end, depending on the paths and decisions that the noble (or not-so-noble) Samurai you play will choose.

Main Page

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